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who Is this Training for?

the practitioner

  • You love Pilates, and enjoy its many benefits, but you are ready to learn more. Weekly classes aren’t enough.
  • You are interested in mastering the fundamentals that Pilates is based on - anatomy, muscles, breathing and posture.
  • You want to take your practice to a new level, and understand each exercise in detail - benefits, execution, modifications. and sequencing

the professional

  • You are already a fitness/medical professional, a therapist or dancer, or maybe you already teach Pilates, but you want to do more...
  • You understand the benefits of Pilates, and you want to supplement your existing skills to improve the lives of your customers or patients
  • Health and wellness is your life. You live it, breathe it, and seek it. Now, it’s time to teach it to others with the most comprehensive tools you can find

the entrepreneur

  • Taking a teacher training course has been on your list for a while, but you just haven’t found the right training locally. Luckily, this course is completely online making it totally accessible
  • You are looking for a lifestyle shift, but are still committed to your existing hectic schedule! Thankfully, this course fits entirely with your life.
  • Becoming a Pilates teacher has always been a goal, but it’s been financially unattainable…until now. This online teacher training program fits into your life, and your budget

Finding the right training can be a real challenge

“I know because I’ve taken many courses over the 30+ years I’ve been in the business.  

I started out as an aerobics instructor in London and trained as a Pilates and yoga instructor towards the end of the 1990’s. I completed my original Mat Pilates training in 2000 with Michael King who owned The Pilates Institute in London at that time.

I’ve taken the best methods from my vast experience and created a training that will fully prepare you to teach Pilates.  And best of all, it fits totally with your busy life and budget.” 


Online Mat pilates instructor certification in 9 simple steps

An online certification program with 9 steps, carefully mapped out, to get you from beginner to sought after mat Pilates Instructor in 90 days

What you will learn in each step:

This step covers the Mat Pilates Fundamentals & the Beginner Mat Sequence.
This is your introduction to classical mat Pilates. You will receive in-depth training so that you can fully understand the fundamental elements of Pilates. It’s vital that you begin at the beginning, even if you already have some experience of Pilates so that you can empathise with clients on the same journey and analyse the excises in Stage 2. This step takes you from novice to an elementary level and is the key to achieving desired results safely. This is what will make your practice effective.

This Step covers the Intermediate Mat Sequence.
In this step you will move your practice on to an intermediate level, increasing the intensity of what you learned in Step 1 and introducing some new exercises. You’ll be picking up lots of tips on correct technique so that you can perfect your practice and carry this information forward when you start to teach. Having learned the essentials you will now become competent. This gradual progression with emphasis on form will help prevent injury.

This Step covers the Advanced Mat Sequence.
You will move on up to advanced level in this step, learning new and exciting exercises as well as continuing to progress those you have already learned. With growing confidence in your own ability you will really nail the moves so that you can effectively demonstrate the exercises to your clients and start to appreciate the benefits and results of Pilates. You’ll be seen as not just capable, but as an accomplished practitioner. By the end of this step you’ll have developed your own personal practice and will be an excellent example to your clients. You will walk the walk.

Step 4 is where you start to talk the talk. You will learn the biomechanics and benefits of the exercises so that you can correct clients technique and motivate them by giving them reasons for showing up. You move on from simply a practitioner to an educator – there is an enormous difference between the two: just because you can do something doesn’t mean you can teach it. This step will also discuss the necessity to learn how to break down the exercises and look at the science behind them. A knowledgeable instructor quickly builds trust.

Everyone learns at their own pace. Understanding the progressions and modifications for the exercises will enable you to teach multi-level classes, easily offering your more advanced clients new challenges, but at the same time ensuring that your newer or less able clients have options for easier, safer variations. A knowledgeable instructor is essential, but with this level of understanding, you will soon become a valued teacher. Having the skills to allow clients to progress at their own pace will ensure client satisfaction and enable you to do your job stress free.

By the end of Step 6 you will have dissected all of the exercises from the classical mat repertoire and have the depth of understanding to teach all levels of experience and ability. You will be able to deliver safe effective classes so that you can quickly grow your client base. You will now have a deep understanding of exactly what Pilates is and what it has to offer and will take on more of a coaching role. These tools will enable you to develop a deeper connection with your clients and you will quickly build a reputation as a “go to” instructor.

Simply being able to teach the exercises is a valuable skill to have, but you will need to find ways of attracting new clients and holding their attention to keep them coming back for more. The original sequence is the perfect way to learn the entire repertoire, but you need to develop that creative side of your character so that you can enjoy successful, busy classes by giving your clients exciting experiences rather than just a workout. You will of course be an efficient instructor, but this step will help you emerge into an inspiring coach. This is what helps attract and retain clients.

We’ve all been to classes (or even taught them!) which have quickly deteriorated into chaos. This is generally due to a lack of preparation or clear instruction. Effective teaching is all about communication. You will learn many tips and tricks in this step so that you can connect with your clients and seamlessly teach multi-level sessions reaching everyone in the room. From teacher to mentor, you will blossom into a true professional, able to deliver efficient classes to everyone. As an accomplished communicator you will find that you soon become a sought-after instructor and very much in demand.

This final step offers insights and suggestions for taking your career to the next level. Drawing on over 30 years experience I can help you create the opportunities so that you can realise your hopes, dreams and ambitions. You have already learned everything you need to know to be that competent, confident coach you set out to be, but you have the ability to go from striving to enterprising. This is where you truly start to enjoy job satisfaction, financial security and personal fulfilment.

Next Coaching Program starts 3 October (Enrollment Ends 1 Oct)


12 Week Online Training Course
$ 397 EASY PAY OPTION: $159 for 3 months
  • Online training videos covering all 9 Steps of the Mat Pilates Teacher training roadmap
  • 5 Workshop videos explaining the fundamentals of Pilates
  • The entire classical matwork sequences from beginner to advanced video lessons
  • Exercise analysis (benefits, A&P, biomechanics, modifications, progressions) – manual and videos
  • Postural assessment, analysis and correction
  • Special populations, health, safety and welfare
  • Lesson planning and sequencing
  • Teaching skills and class management
  • Anatomy & physiology overview
  • Ideal continued education for Fitness Professionals
  • Comprehensive training manuals
  • Weekly assignments
  • Online quiz assessment
  • 12 Months access to all training material
  • Life long access to the exclusive Teachers Training Group on Facebook
  • Certificate of Completion
  • CPD Certified
  • 14-Day 100% money-back guarantee!
* Course Content Release schedule: Step 1 will be available immediately. Thereafter a Step will be released every 9 days


12 Week Coaching & Certification Program
$ 997 EASY PAY OPTION: $399 for 3 months​
  • 12 Weekly Live online Coaching and Q&A sessions
  • Continuous teaching assessments
  • 12 Months access to monthly Continued Coaching Calls **
  • Lifelong access to the exclusive Coaching Alumni Group on Facebook
  • World class mentoring
  • Accountability
  • Peer Support
  • Advanced Mat Pilates Instructor Certificate
  • CPD Certified

** Monthly Live Coaching sessions on vocational topics


12 Month Comprehensive Training
$ 997
  • Prenatal Pilates
  • Postnatal Pilates
  • Pre / Postnatal Nutrition
  • Small Ball
  • Foam Roller
  • Magic Circle
  • Stability Ball
  • Resistance Bands & Weights
  • Pilates Orthopaedics
  • Client Motivation & Retention
  • Hands-on Adjustments
  • Ball Rolling Therapy Fusion
  • CPD Certified

**** Courses are released 1 per month. You will have 12 months access to each course from date of release

Click here for Short Course Detail


We offer three different levels, all are entirely distance learning so that wherever you are in the world you can complete your Pilates training. We use a combination of e-learning from manuals and online video lessons. The Coaching Program also includes 12 live online coaching sessions. 

This style of training has the advantage of convenience.  It fits in with your life rather than complicating it and you fit it around work and family commitments.  But it is carefully structured so that you have time to practice skills between meetings and absorb the information in a measured way.

Refer below for more detail on each of these courses.

12 Week online training course.

We use a combination of e-learning from manuals and over 20 hours of video lessons.

This is ideal for those busy fitness professionals who wish to add Pilates to their skills.  Although the course is delivered in a methodical way, you will work your way through it on your own.  There are regular self-assessment assignments to keep you on track and a final multiple choice exam.  

Course Content Release schedule:
Step 1 (Fundamentals & Beginner Mat Sequence) – immediately on sign-up
Step 2 (Intermediate Mat Sequence) – Day 14
Step 3 (Advanced Mat Sequence) – Day 28
Steps 4-9 – every 7 days thereafter

12 Week online coaching & certification program.

Includes everything in the Mat Pilates Teacher Training course + 12 live online coaching sessions (refer to the course comparison table above for more detail).

Ideal for those who may or may not be in the fitness profession and who plan to offer Pilates classes or work with clients on a one to one basis. You will be supported throughout by coaching sessions for each step where we will discuss relevant topics in depth and where you will get the opportunity to ask any questions you may have. You will also have further contact and support through a dedicated Facebook Group. Your teaching skills are assessed on a continuous basis and there is a final multiple choice exam at the end of the course.

Coaching Topics:
Week 1: In-depth Tour of the Core
Week 2: Health, Safety and Welfare
Week 3: Posture Analysis and Correction
Week 4-6: Exercise Analysis
Week 7: Class Planning
Week 8: Special Populations
Week 9: Realisation: The Entrepreneur

Course Content Release schedule:
Step 1 (Fundamentals & Beginner Mat Sequence) – immediately on sign-up
Step 2 (Intermediate Mat Sequence) – 14 days after the first coaching session
Step 3 (Advanced Mat Sequence) – 28 days after the first coaching session
Steps 4-9 – every 7 days thereafter

A passion for Pilates!  Apart from this you will learn everything you need to be a confident and competent instructor on the course.  You will learn classical mat Pilates so that you can build your own practice if you don’t already have one as well as everything you need to know to be an excellent teacher.

First and foremost I will be teaching you personally.  I have over 35 years experience in the fitness industry and have been on many training courses during that time.  I have taken the best techniques from the most effective ones added to the advantage that it is entirely distance learning which, apart from committing to your weekly meeting, fits entirely around your busy life.

I’ve done it all: from working in health clubs to having a large portfolio of private clients in London; running my own business in the UK and the Middle East including my own studio; I’ve also had first-hand experience of other people’s start-ups, seeing the highs, lows, successes and failures.

My mission is that you should enjoy the whole training experience rather than just walk away with a bit of paper.  The course is very vocational, geared to turning out professional, confident, competent coaches who will be at the very top of the profession.

Yes, these training courses are fully accredited by The CPD Certification Service which supports the Continuing Professional Development policies of institutional and professional organisations on an increasingly global basis. CPD submissions are assessed and accredited against the universally accepted structured checklist which The CPD Service has developed over the past 20+ years. The process takes an impartial and objective overview of structure and value to ensure full conformity to CPD guidelines.

We continue to seek accreditation from other organisations around the world.


If you haven’t already done so, please watch this video which will explain everything you need to know. 

The word “qualification” suggests government/state regulation and Pilates is an unregulated industry. Only in the UK is there a Pilates qualification available for those who are members of a fitness organisation such as REPs, require CPD points and plan to work for a studio/gym/health club in the UK where it may be required. This is a fitness industry award and a stipulation is that 20% must be taught face to face so distance learning is not an option. Otherwise there are plenty of other excellent training options.

At the moment, there is no internationally recognised Certificate in Pilates because there is no international process. Our program, like those of the other leaders in the Pilates industry, offers an assessment-based training.

This training allows for more flexibility and a more rewarding experience. It is highly vocational and will fully prepare you to teach Pilates as soon as you finish the course. It follows the guidelines as set out by the PMA and the UK NOS for planning and teaching Pilates classes.

For the Teacher Training course you will have assignments to complete each week which will help cement your knowledge. These are self-assessed.

Practical assessment is continuous during the Advanced program via video uploads to a private Facebook group. Teaching practice is essential to build confidence and experience. 

All courses have a multiple choice final exam.

Constantly! You will also become a member of a private Facebook group where you can ask questions, discuss assignments and get support from your peers as well as me.

For the duration of the Advanced and Mat Master courses, you will get the opportunity to ask questions during our live sessions, and if you have a problem you need to discuss privately I am always there for you.

Yes, definitely.  The course covers every aspect from becoming an advanced practitioner yourself, lesson planning, creating sequences, teaching/communication skills, modifications and even insights on helping you set up your own business. 

Yes, but you have to also put in the effort. While these strategies can be extremely effective in producing results, the process is very precise and requires a degree of dedication and focus. 


You acknowledge the inherent risks and dangers in the strenuous nature of these types of course/product/service, and by enrolling in such course/product/service, you choose to assume those risks voluntarily, including risk of illness, bodily injury, disability, or death.

Consult a qualified medical professional before you start using any any of our courses/products/services.

I know sometimes life happens, so I have you covered! I record all live calls and give you access to them so that can catch-up in your own time if you miss any of the sessions.

If you are enrolled on the Online Teacher Training course, then yes, you can start as soon as you sign up. The course is still delivered over 90 days, but you can start anytime that suits you.

Because I personally do live coaching calls for the Advanced and Mat Master Courses, we have specific dates on which the course starts. 

 Please check the emails I sent you, or contact me here to confirm the next start date.

We offer a 14 days, 100%, no questions asked, money back guarantee on our courses (For the coaching program, the 14 days will start counting from the first live coaching session irrespective when you made payment. This will allow you more time to evaluate the course)

You can find more detail about our Refund Policy here

Still Uncertain?​

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What Teachers Are Saying​

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Choosing the right training programme is key to achieving your dreams...

  • Build your own personal practice to advanced level and fully understand the fundamentals, the journey your clients will take and benefits of a balanced sequence.
  • Learn the authentic classical mat Pilates exercises and sequence.
  • Know that you can perfectly demonstrate, explain the exercises and offer appropriate modifications to all in the class.
  • Feel knowledgeable enough to confidently teach clients safely and effectively so that they can progress and reach their goals.
  • Continue your professional development so that you can improve your career opportunities and income by being able to offer more skills.
  • Keep your clients motivated and satisfied by creating inspiring, balanced sequences.
  • Watch your career take off as you take control.